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Delectable Dimsum at 3 Virtues, Kowloon Hong Kong
One cannot claim that one has visited Hong Kong until she/he has tried the cantonese dimsum. Vegetarians fear not as you can visit 3 Virtues to fulfill that criteria. Famous for its dimsum menu, 3 Virtues is definitely a one-stop destination for great vegetarian dimsummers. 3 Virtues changes its menu every 2-3 months so be sure to try out the items available during each cycle before they're replaced!

Cheung Fun
Chinese Rice Rolls stuffed with Mushrooms and Vegetables
I like Hong Kong's Cheung Fun better than the Malaysian version as the sauce is not as sweet and overwhelming as the Sweet Sauce (甜酱)

Soup Dumplings
"Scallop" Dumplings
this dish is extremely yummy! I love the pepper flavored soup as it helps amplify the "scallop" flavor.

Har Gao
Dumplings stuffed with vegetables, "Prawns"

Cheung Fun
Chinese Rice Rolls stuffed with "Prawns"
Wonton soup
"Seafood" wontons with a very tasty vegetable broth

Xiao Long Bao
Yummy mini-cuties with a very juicy "pork" filling.

Siew Mai
Wonton skins stuffed with minced "Pork"

Hor Yip Fan
mushrooms, ''roasted pork'' and glutinous rice wrapped with a lotus leaf

Taste = ****
Atmosphere = ***
Service = ***
Price = $$ (Happy hour is from 3pm to 5pm) Small, Medium, Large dishes all at $11 and specials are at $18.
Location = Very convenient for tourists
How to get there = MTR / bus / taxi to Jordan MTR
Note: They are open throughout the year (yes, even Chinese New Year, however there will be no happy hour specials during CNY)

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posted on: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 8:09 AM

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Hong Kong CNY Day 2 Fireworks & Food
Hong Kong skyline

Kowloon - Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier

A very rare fireworks display as the smoke from the fireworks did not disperse, blocking Hong Kong's skyline.

This is a rare sight! HK island covered by a cloud of black smoke, leftover from the fireworks display.

Chinese New Year Lanterns at Elements shopping mall (Kowloon MTR station)- the lil girls are so cute right!

Shiny Merc at Elements Shopping Mall

A very famous Shanghainese dim sum eatery located in Hong Kong

奶油包 - Condensed Milk Buns - I ate the buns without the condensed milk as condensed milk is known to be high in saturated fat.

Vegetarian deep-fried stuffed beancurd sheets - very yummy dish as the filling was full of flavor and complimented the crispy outer very well.

Rice Wine Dumplings - Ah, this is a must try! Even a Caucasian friend loved it as the fragrance of the rice wine helped amplify the flavor of the peanut filling. We loved this so much that we practically licked the bowl to the very last drop.

Crispy Rice Snacks to be dipped into the thick vegetable stock

Creamy Cabbage - this is the first time I've had this dish and I can't decide if I like it or not. LoL

Vegetarian noodles.

It took us ages to finally get a table at this very popular eatery, so make sure to book ahead!

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posted on: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 @ 12:39 AM

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Hong Kong Chinese New Year Flower Market - 行花市
After years of watching Hong Kong's Chinese New Year Flower Market on TV, we finally got to be part of it physically this year. It was a very awesome experience as the atmosphere definitely helped hiked the excitement of the arrival of the Rabbit New Year. There were numerous flower markets all over Hong Kong and we were honored to visit 3 different ones in a span of two days (or should I say nights) as we only arrived at the flower market after midnight.

Look at the variety of flowers available for sale!

大吉大利! This tree signifies Prosperity

White Daffodils - extremely fragrant!!!!

Multi-colored Chrysanthemum

Hongkees believe that buying a mini windmill (风车) would help change one's luck for the better in the upcoming new year.

Paper windmills

Rabbit and flower themed windmill

Big mandarin oranges to symbolize Big Prosperity

Orchids have become increasingly popular in Hong Kong.

My fave drink - Malted Vitasoy - this was served hot which made it even tastier.

Black sesame Put Zhai Gou (缽仔糕)

All sorts of Chinese New Year snacks

Multi-flavored Glutinous Rice Balls

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posted on: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 @ 2:12 PM

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French Valentine
For my valentine.

French is internationally known as 'ze language of Love. Couples who visit Paris would not miss the opportunity to snap pics with the Eiffel Tower, as many believe it symbolizes eternal Love. Even the popular Hong Kong TVB drama No Regrets did not forget to photoshop Miss Nine and Lau Sing with it!

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we prepared two dishes using French beans.

Firstly, purple rice topped with stir-fried with Tumeric and French beans.

The second dish - French Beans stir fried with capers drizzled with fresh lemon juice.
Capers works magic with the French Beans. No extra seasoning is required as the preserved capers are naturally sour and salty and compliments the French Beans very well.

Wishing all of you a very happy Valentine's Day.

*credits to jan-ex for the first picture.

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Food, Celebrities, Fun. - My Chinese New Year in Hong Kong!
My Tiger New Year ended with myself celebrating the arrival of the Rabbit New Year with TVB Stars at Citywalk, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

Please do not repost the pictures without my permission!
If you really want to post the pics and do not have time to wait for my reply, please have the courtesy to link back to this page.

Joyce Cheng Yan Yi - her singing's really good!

Ron Ng - I love his singing and dancing! He's definitely TVB's hottie!

Ron Ng - turning to smile at my camera!!! / Mag Lam singing in the background

TVB Stars watching Ron Ng and Kate Tsui singing a Chinese New Year song
I can see that Liza enjoys Ron's singing hehe :)

Liza Wang :)

From Left: Hubert Hu, Mag Lam, Bosco, Anderson Junior, Liza Wang, Heidi Chu, Pierre Ngo during rehearsals

Liza Wang and her ipad :)

I truly enjoyed myself and managed to take pictures with Pierre Ngo (Pai Kuat Zhai from No Regrets), Joyce Cheng and Lily Ho. They were all very nice and patient with the fans, Pierre Ngo and Joyce also spent time for autographs! Bosco, however, left in a hurry without even waving to us although there were only a handful of us around, I thought it would be nice to at least wave or smile at us.

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posted on: Thursday, February 10, 2011 @ 9:05 PM

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- Jamie & Yvonne -
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